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18 de diciembre de 2017
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    A Sweet Experience

    Did you know that Roald Dahl was a chocolate taster for Cadbury’s while a student at Repton?  Did you know a plain piece of chocolate can taste like berries or grass or have a sweet flavour only to end up smoky or salty or sour?  The students in 1 ESO classes conducted an experiment to find out just that.  Read on to know more…

    Have you ever imagined, just for a minute, travelling through the world of sense only because of a piece of chocolate:  To taste chocolate by observing it, touching it and smelling it?

    Chocolate factories invent new types of chocolate and sweets.  They want children to try them to see if they are good enough.  But this requires a method.

    You can do it with only a piece of chocolate.  You first observe it and look at the colour.  Then you see if it melts on your finger.  Later you smell it and in the end you taste it and watch how the flavor changes.

    This can be fun, but to enjoy it even more you just have to be silent and let your senses blow your mind with all sorts of sensations.  At times you could think the chocolate smells like grass, or like a windy forest in Autumn.  Or you may think it tastes a bit smoky or like a bitter cup of coffee.  Not everybody will have the same opinion.  At the end of this experience gave each chocolate a mark between 1 and 5 and made some notes about what we thought.

    In the past, some people used this experience as an inspiration.  How do you think “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was written?

    By Belen Alonso 1º ESO C

    Christmas in England

    It’s the festive season, the Yule tide, celebrated throughout England, and of course around Great Britain, with great joy, for the young and adults too! There are some curious traditions that commenced in ancient times, but we continue to celebrating them, although some have changed. (más…)

    Brains’ Gastronomical day in 2nd ESO B

    IFOn the 24th March, in the class of 2nd ESO B at BRAINS school, we had an International and Intercultural Day; with food from all around the world: from France to China, passing through Paraguay, Italy and the United States. We had a lot of fun and tried all the food. It was delicious! Even Laura, our teacher, brought us some food. (más…)

    Asking ourselves “Who am I?” in Citizenship

    tn_img_1631In Citizenship we must first examine the individual  – the citizen –  before we can discuss how human beings can work together to build communities in which individuals, and society as a whole, can flourish. 
    So, we began the year by examining our individual identity: what makes each person unique and different from all others.  We looked at various aspects of our identity such as our physical characteristics, our talents and abilities, our personality traits, our social groups, our likes and dislikes and the personal memories that have helped to shape us as we’ve grown.  The students had to then represent their identity in the form of a ME COLLAGE in which they used words, photographs, drawings and symbols to show others these aspects of their real selves in a way that was creative and eye-catching.

    Below is a sampling of ME COLLAGES from 2ºA, 2ºB, 2ºC, 2ºD and 2ºE.  Can you pick out your classmates, sisters, brothers and friends?  Can you discover sides of their personalities that you haven’t known about?

    Sketches “Abomination”

    Andrea Navarro, 2º ESO E

    El viernes 21 de Mayo, en clase inglés de la profesora Ana, los alumnos de 2º ESO E tuvimos que representar una escena del libro ABOMINATION, cuyo autor es Robert Swindells y que leímos entre la segunda y la tercera evaluación.

    Nos dividimos en cinco grupos de tres  o cuatro personas y representamos la escena que cada grupo eligió.

    Para hacerlo mejor, cada persona se ponía una prenda de ropa o algún complemento característico del personaje que les tocaba representar;  así, las enfermeras se ponían una bata o utilizaban tiritas y la cajera del supermercado una peluca o unas gafas, por ejemplo, y algunos ¡hasta trajimos comida para hacer que estábamos de verdad en el supermercado!

    Fue una clase muy amena y divertida y todos nos lo pasamos muy bien.

    Theatre Sketches


    A group of students from 1st of ESO of our school have prepared tour wonderful ‘Theatre Sketches’ to delight the rest of our groups which have just finished 2º evaluation exams.



    Paloma Petit de Prado, 2º ESO E.

    This book tells us the story of a girl called Martha. She is dominated by her parents´ rules, imposed by the religious sect of the Righteous.


    Brains trip to A Christmas Carol

    Gonzalo Lasso de la Vega and Nicolás Modet, 1º ESO B

    On the 17th of December 1º E.S.O. Brains visited the theater “Gran Vía” Madrid from 10:00-14:00. We watched the famous play “A Christmas Carol”, written by Charles Dickens and interpreted by the company “face2face”. (más…)

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