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18 de diciembre de 2017
11 :11
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    Choosing University

    This Autumn the students of 1st and 2nd Bachillerato interested in studying abroad had the opportunity to visit two university fairs:  The British Council Fair and the Council of International Schools Fair held at American School.

    Click here to read more »

    Our experience in Canada

    tn_canada-2At first, I didn’t feel like going to Canada. I thought that it was going to mean a lot of time spent without seeing my family and friends. But when I arrived and saw my host family, and made friends, everything changed and I felt much better.

    My family treated me just as if I were a brother of their other three children they had. I met a lot of new people at my high school, and I really hope to see them again sometime. We used to ‘hang out’, and we visited Vancouver city centre a few times, as well as the biggest mall in Canada – Metrotown. Click here to read more »

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    tn_doctor_cartelgraOn Friday the 28th of October, the English department took 1º ESO to the theatre in central Madrid to see a play, based on the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Click here to read more »

    Christmas in England

    It’s the festive season, the Yule tide, celebrated throughout England, and of course around Great Britain, with great joy, for the young and adults too! There are some curious traditions that commenced in ancient times, but we continue to celebrating them, although some have changed. Click here to read more »

    Hallowe’en fun

    tn_dscf9532Girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen, teachers…..beware!!! Click here to read more »

    Who am I?

    In Citizenship, we must first examine the individual, the citizen, before we can discuss how human beings can work together to build communities, in which individuals, and society as a whole, can flourish. Click here to read more »

    Are you a werewolf?

    Would you like to find out?

    There are several simple tests you can use to determine if you are a werewolf. Click here to read more »

    Outstanding “Selectividad” Result in English

    Congratulations to all our second year Bachillerato students Click here to read more »

    Brains’ Gastronomical day in 2nd ESO B

    IFOn the 24th March, in the class of 2nd ESO B at BRAINS school, we had an International and Intercultural Day; with food from all around the world: from France to China, passing through Paraguay, Italy and the United States. We had a lot of fun and tried all the food. It was delicious! Even Laura, our teacher, brought us some food. Click here to read more »

    British Christmas traditions: cracker and mince pie

                                                         As you are sitting down to enjoy your “turrón”, or “polvorones”, waiting for the 3 Kings to leave you your presents in a shoe…or maybe COAL if you’ve been naughty (surely not!), spare a thought for your English friends…well, your English teachers… who will all be sitting round the dinner table wearing silly paper hats and telling terrible jokes- like

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