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18 de diciembre de 2017
11 :18
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    Cosas de Nursery

    Knowledge and Understanding of the World Experiment

    kuwe2012-8Things that float and sink in the water

    During the month of May our teachers in Reception, wanted to explain to us about floating things; what sinks and what floats in the water.  It was very difficult to understand because they don’t speak a word of Spanish!

    So, we did a fun experiment, using a baby’s bath full of water, we gathered different things to put inside: stones, an orange, toys, coins, wooden sticks, paper, a pencil, a rubber, a feather…. And many more things, it was really interesting!!!!

    While doing this, we discovered by ourselves that some things are heavy and some things are light; some things float and some things sink in the water; we now understand that some things are heavier than others, and we also learnt many new words in English!!

    The best part of all was that we could put the objects in the water by ourselves; first we did it very gently but by the end of the experiment we all got a bit wet! It was a hot day, so the teachers did not get cross with us!

    It´s fun to learn at Brains!

    Los más pequeños de Lombillo reciben la visita de Santa Claus.

    Nerviosos esperaban una sorpresa, aunque muchos ya sospechaban quien iba a venir, nadie lo confirmó hasta que Papá Noel en persona visitó uno a uno los cursos de infantil y primero del colegio. Unas caritas llenas de ilusión y muchas preguntas y peticiones fue lo que Santa se encontró en nuestras aulas. Click here to read more »

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